Blue Cruise

The most of the route of the blue cruise are the bays of the Aegean and the Mediterranean sea between Bodrum and Demre. The blue cruise is mostly done with gullets type wooden boats between 18-40 meters. When the chance comes the sail are used but the cruising is mostly motor powered. The Yachts has everything needed for the guests. Generally 4 to 8 cabin boats are used for the blue cruise. Every cabin has own shower and toilets. It is possible to rent yachts for all quality and standards: The Standard are ; with no air condition, luxury with air condition , deluxe with air condition and high deluxe.

With your group of friends you can rent a yacht to your pleasure from the large variety of the fleet of Turk Gulet Yachting. The blue cruise route and menu will be made from your preferences. Our experienced captain and crew will give you a private service for an unforgettable holiday. For further information, yacht photos, details and prices of the boats please get in contact with us.