Holiday is different in Bodrum

Bodrum is world famous holiday resort that a town of Mugla city. Holiday has different meanings for those who have gone Bodrum. It offers unforgettable moments visitors  with its sea, nature, history, activities and night life. Bodrum that hosted many civilizations in the past, has many cultural remains. Especially, Bodrum castle is the world second biggest Underwater Archaeology Museum. It … Read More

Most common place for wind surf addicts, Alacati

It is a  popular holiday town of Cesme, İzmir city. Alacati is a place where stiff breezes, and beaches which are in place for wind surf offers visitors have fun with historical stone houses, blue sea and pearly white sandy beaches. It is not serving only your eyes, you are able to try Aegean cuisine that  have delicious foods in … Read More

Balikesir, Oren

It is a town of Burhaniye, Balikesir city that was founded in B.C 400. It is a small and cute holiday town which is located between Edremit and Ayvalik. Town hosted many civilizations in the past. However, there happened many wars in the past so many historical buildings and pieces destroyed and could not leave today. It is able to … Read More

Foca is the natural pearl of Izmir

Foca is one of the most popular holiday resorts that has undisturbed nature and history. Actually, undisturbed nature and blue sea makes Foca popular holiday resort. It is able to swim everywhere of sea. There are so many  historical buildings and natural beauties in town that was founded in antic eras. There are so many activities that travellers may do. … Read More

Istanbul, Sile

Sile where has old history, is a town that neighbour of Black Sea. There are historical buildings that left from Constantinaople and Ottoman Empire. Sile lantern is the biggest lanterns of Turkey. It is the first big lantern of Turkey and second biggest lantern of the World. Tourism is the most important source of income in Sile. Because of history … Read More

Points to take into consideration before going on blue cruise

Blue cruise tours are preffered by those who would like to move away from city crowding and have an interesting holiday experience. It has been getting more popular every year. After to decide going on blue cruise, you should decide when you will go and which yacht you will use. People who would like to go on blue cruise tours with … Read More

Heaven that is the middle of sea, Buyukada

It is the biggest island that known as the princes’ islands  in offshore waters of Istanbul. In summer, population of island has been doubled because of warming weather. It was used for detention colony in Constantinople. It is forbidden to use motor vehicles in island. Transportation is provided by bicycles and phaetons. Tour by phaetons in island attracts tourists in … Read More

Mugla; Dalaman

International airport which is in town Mugla city has an important for other tourism places. This airport is preffered by those who are transportating for popular holiday places. Airport is in a good way for Dalaman’s tourism. Most known Gocek coves’ some parts  are in Dalaman. These coves are suitable for blue cruise tours. Dalaman is preffered by those who … Read More

The ancient city Assos

Assos which is one of the most important settlements of antiquity ,was also established in the hillside of an extinct volcano .it is Against the Edremit Gulf and the island of Midilli and involved in the historical sites and natural beauty in the city is located. Famous philosopher Aristotle in 348 BC, built here the first philosophy of the school. … Read More

Bodrum is very different with Blue Cruise Tours

Bodrum entertains many domestic and foreign tourists with its sea, its very green forests and its amusing night life every year. Bodrum is one of the favourite resorts today. It is one of the resorts which is also known around the world; not only in Turkey. When you go to visit Bodrum, first element which you will notice is its … Read More