Balikesir, Oren


It is a town of Burhaniye, Balikesir city that was founded in B.C 400. It is a small and cute holiday town which is located between Edremit and Ayvalik. Town hosted many civilizations in the past. However, there happened many wars in the past so many historical buildings and pieces destroyed and could not leave today.

It is able to reach to Oren by air and roadways. There are so many accomodate options that are ranging from hotels to hostels. It is able to swim at cool sea and feel fresh keeping from hot weathers. It is one of the most preffered holiday places for those who are looking for much quite and calm holiday.

Blue cruise tours are both preffered by those who are looking for quiteness or vice versa. You are able to have rest and enjoy in blue cruise tours.

You may enjoy and have an unforgettable holiday by choosing a luxury yacht with Bodrum yacht charter. There are two systems in blue cruise tours, all inclusive and full board. In full board, there is breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. In addition to these, there is also fruit and dessert service. You must pay extra for drinks. There is not so many differences between all inclusive and full board. Foods, drinks and menu can be different in every yacht. Drinks are sold in some of yachts, however  it is free to bring your drinks in some yachts.

Serving of food is belonged to yacht crew. There are two yacht crew and at least one captain depending on yacht capacity. You should get information about safety and general yacht using rules before chartering yacht.

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