Antic City Side

Side is a region which hosted many civilizations in the past, is known as the oldest settlement of the Anatolia. When you research for meaning of Side in dictionary, it means ‘pomegranate’ in Anatolian language. Pomegranate was a symbol of richness in the past. If you research the old excavations in the city, you will see the settlement of the region is too old. Moreover, after these excavations, we have seen that there were many earthquakes and big fires in the past in this city.

Side is a region which belonged to Manavgat and the Antalya city. In this region which hosted many civilizitaions in the past, you may see historical remains which belonged to the old civilizations. There are many museums and historical buildings that must seen in the city. It makes your holiday more enjoyable with clear water and natural beauty of the city. It hosts many local and foreign visitors every year. Every corner of the city has a historical meaning.

You should get help from a guide while visiting the city. It is not only sea and sun, Side also means to see old civilizations while swimming at sea.

We will answer that question ‘ What people may do in Side during the holiday?’. Region is an island so it is so good for yacht tours. Besides daily yacht tours, there are also private yacht chartering options. Side offers many options for those who like nature sports. Water sports, paragliding, mountain bike and safari..are the activities that will be able to do in Side.

There are many historical buildings that must seen in the city. Side Antic Theatre is the most known in these building. Moreover Side Museum must have seen. You may see many nature beauties in this city. Side offers you an unforgettable holiday.

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