Antalya Kas

Kas is a region of Antalya city, has beauty of sea and historical places. Region hosted many old civilizations in the past. Thus, there are so many historical places must have seen. These places are; Kas antic theatre, Atiphellos antic city, Xanthos antic city, beaches, Kekova, Demre, Patara, Kalkan…Kalkan is the most popular region of the city.

Kas was the fishery and harbour village of the city in the past, today is too popular by tourism. Region which is one of the most popular diving centers, there are so many diving schools. Kas is owed to this popularity to its untouched nature. Region is the last region of the southwest of the city.

You are able to do too many nature sports in Kas. There are six caves that are sorrounded the city all around, must seen. Most popular ones are Blue cave, Asirli cave and Guvercinlik cave. Diving and paragliding are most popular sports.

There is nobody that seen the Kas’s nature and did not love it. Kas has many hidden beauties and always impresses people by its beauties. There are daily yacht tours in region to have enjoyable moments during the holiday. There are holiday options that are suitable for every body. You will absolutely find somenthing from yourself in this region.

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