A Day On A Gulet

8.53 – Lovely Morning ☀️

You awaken to the slight rock of the boat. Your next sensations are touch: the puckered texture of hand-loomed Turkish bed-sheets, and sound: the mewing of seagulls.

9.27 – Breakfast Time

Catch the scents of coffee… fresh tea in the samovar…pine-trees on the shore of your sheltered overnight anchorage?

10.37 – Relax & Enjoy

The breakfast needed to settle in…while the captain was taking us to the next bay.

11.57 – The Gulet Anchored

Are you ready to explore? Enjoy the crystal clear water and amazing colors.

12.22 – Time for Afternoon Activities 🛶

Time to burn some calories with some easy going activities. Some people just pick their favorite book and take it easy.

1.52 – Lunch Break 🍝🍔

Expect only the freshest and local, quality ingredients. Lunch of salads and perhaps a flaky cheese pastry or a Turkish pasta? Cherries and loquats for dessert? Cantelope or watermelon?

3.52 – After Lunch 🏝️

After lunch we set sails for a new destination. Are you ready to explore more?

4.55 – Be Bright Like The Afternoon Sun 🌞

Sunbathing, relax, reading book, playing games, exploring local map and plan for afternoon-evening activities…

5.15 – Indulge Yourself 🍹

Sip your drink, relax, & think about the next destination.

6.14 – Visit Highlights ⛰️

Moored in front of one of the most beautiful places in Turkey and Mediterranean.

8.17 – More Swimming Before Dinner 🏊‍♀️

The heat of the day has passed and it’s time for more swimming

8.53 – Delicious Dinner 🍽️

Enjoy the stunning views and savor delicious Turkish cuisine.

9.56 – Evening Activities 🕺

Last but not the least, evening activities! You can stay on gulet and enjoy the peace or go to sleep. There is a saying that night is more beautiful than a day… So go and explore the towns during nighttime and meet the locals.