Marmaris is the pearl of the Aegean Sea in Turkey and this resort is by far the most environmentally clean. Marmaris is a string of beaches, the most beautiful lagoon, arrays of mountains covered by forests and plenty of opportunities for all kinds of recreation.
The first city on the site of modern Marmaris was founded in ancient times, it was called Physkos. Currently there is only a small portion on hilltop left from the ancient city. It is the oldest district of the city and is called Ashartepe, for many years, archaeologists worked here. Today everyone can climb to the top of the hill and see the priceless antiquities, as well as admire the beautiful panorama of the city.
The most important attraction of Marmaris is considered an ancient fortress, which was built during the reign of the Ottoman Empire. Powerful fortifications with high stone towers are perfectly preserved to this day, and today are home to the fortress of the two museums – historical and archaeological.
Pay attention to the Old City of Marmaris it is covering the fortress around! Cozy white houses with old design, stony roads and very tiny streets are drowning in flowers and tropical trees. You can find many nice cafes and restaurants, here. It is always calm and fresh here, even in the hottest times of summer, that’s why most of all rich people choose this territory for living. There are many expensive houses standing here! Old city with very different designed houses will impress you till the bottom of your heart!
No less important is the attraction of Bedesten, indoor market, whose age is more than five hundred years. Of the trading floor, it long ago turned into an important historical landmark, many travelers visit the market as a real museum. A striking architectural monument of the Ottoman Empire is Caravanserai. It was built in the mid-16th century and was designed exclusively for the Ottoman soldiers. On this territory there are also a majestic chill out place saved from Ottoman Emire times. In the old times only man could visit this territory to have a rest, to drink and listen live art music and to smoke a waterpipe. Now you can taste this kind of pleasure, imagine yourself like a sultan, take a sit on the old designed sofas with numerous colorful pillows, listen art-music. You can wear sultan costume and shoot several photos next to old fashioned fountain.
Attraction of the later period is the Ibrahimi Mosque. Its construction was completed in 1789. The mosque is near the old market and it is worth exploring the interior of this amazing religious monument. Among the other excursion objects are Aqueduct and Tashhan – inn. Both of them were erected in the first half of the 16th century.
One of the most mysterious and mystical objects of Marmaris is the tomb of visionary Saria, who lived in the 17th century and became famous for his prophecies. With this landmark connected a lot of interesting stories and legends, many women today visit the tomb to ask the seer about happiness and family.
The big attraction for lovers of bicycle there is a road especially for sport, with green palms and lots of flowers from old city to Icmeler. There are breathtaking views on this road, don’t forget to take your camera!
There are lots of companies which are giving bicycle for rent .
The city has everything: from the long range of shops and restaurants to the beautiful sights with a rich history. The town center is a market where you can purchase a variety of products – from jewelry to porcelain.

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