Gemiler Island, also called the St. Nicholas Island, famous for its many ruins that have survived since the time of the Byzantines. Easiest to get here from the Gulf Gemiler or Blue Lagoon.
Island preserved traces of a large Byzantine settlement, which at one time was the center of Christianity. Between V-XI centuries there were construction. Despite the fact that most of the buildings are almost completely destroyed, there is still a lot of interesting things you will see. In the northern part of the island is located the sunken ruins of the wharf and warehouse.
Particularly noteworthy are the ruins of churches and chapels. On the hill, there is a palace which was decorated with amazing floor mosaics. On the island many wells and tanks built were dug, traces of which survive to this day. Once there was a queen whose skin was very sensitive and to let her swim in the sea a covered swimming pool was built. Its ruins is still possible to see.

Other attractions of interest include over 40 ecclesiastical buildings and Christian tombs and a church that was cut out directly from a rock located at the highest point on the island. The island has a bay that is shaped like a crescent and thus provides great anchorage. There is a makeshift restaurant that caters to sailors, boatmen and yachtsmen during summers.

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