If all places and all seas were known by a color, Fethiye’s color would be turquoise. The word turquoise, a blue that has more than a hint of green, comes from the blue used in the Turkish tile work. The most beautiful shade of the color blue came and settled on the waters of the Oludeniz (Dead Sea). Towards evening, around sunset, you catch such a wonderful turquoise you can never see on any other seas. If you call it blue you are wrong, if you say it is green it is not that either but both together. It is difficult to put it into words. It is best if you go and see it for yourself and get hit by a lightning bolt!

The harbor town Fethiye is surrounded by pine forests in the Gulf of Fethiye. With its sheltered harbor for yachts, colorful bazaars, numerous beautiful beaches and bays rich coastline, gorgeous, partly uninhabited islands, Fethiye for a long time will be a famous tourist destination.
Fethiye is located on the site of the ancient legendary city Telmesa. In ancient times this place was dedicated to Apollo. To IV century BC the city had close economic relations with the Greek island Rhodes, and after the IV century it was included in the Lycian state by the Romans. In the VIII century BC Telmesa was renamed Anastasiopolis and in the IX century BC was named Macri. Only in 1914 the city got its real name Fethiye – in honor of a military pilot Fethi Bey, who died in the line of duty.
Lycian rock tombs belonging to ancient kings, are in the center of Fethiye. You can see them from almost every part of city.
The main advantage of this resort is a calm sea. 5 km to the northeast of Fethiye is wide Calis beach and 8.5 km to the south is the famous Oludeniz beach “Blue Lagoon”, which is famous for its picturesque scenery. Both beaches offer tourists a wide range of restaurants.
The land Fethiye is protected by mountains covered with pine trees. That`s why there are so popular paragliding – paraglider slow descent from the mountain Babadag seaward.
In Fethiye you can devote time to the classical relaxation: swimming in the sea, sunbathing on the beaches – or plunge into the nightlife. Also here you can go diving, visit the spa, bars, cafes, restaurants and so on.

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