Ekincik is an unspoiled natural wonder, blessed with breathtaking beauty. It is uncrowded, pretty and tranquil with a nice little beach nearby. The coastal road there is gorgeous too and is a good base for boat trips and walking tours.
The 2 km long stretch of the unspoiled gravel beach meets a small harbor from which the boats departs to Dalyan, located approximately 45 minutes away. The scenery is stunning and there are many opportunities to observe the local wildlife. On the beach there is a small range of water sports facilities available including banana-boat and water-ski.
Ekincik is a very small place with some local shops and a restaurant. There is no nightlife. The Sultaniye Thermal Baths are just a few minutes away from Ekincik, and are situated on the southwest shore of Lake Koycegiz where the water comes from natural springs at 40oC. These baths have been used since the Roman times! The water itself is believed to have therapeutic properties and is known to cure neuralgia, rheumatism, skin disorders and problems of the liver, spleen and bowels. Besides, these baths provide a luxurious and relaxing interlude as you soak away the strains of being away on holiday. Ekincik is suitable for anyone who seeks rest and peace in a comfortable environment.

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