Bodrum is one of the most popular Turkish resort on the Aegean coasts. White houses of Bodrum constitute a unique architectural style, strictly persist to this day. Bodrum is a favorite vacation spot of the Turkish elite and bohemian meeting place for artists and patrons, making the city atmosphere indescribably exquisite.

The ancient city of Bodrum has a rich history. In the past the name of Bodrum was Halicarnassus and was founded as the second capital of Caria Greek state. Halicarnassus achieved its greatest prosperity in the IV century BC. At this time, the city invites famous sculptors and architects of the time. Mausoleum erected over the burial place of King Mausolus, is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Bodrum has a reputation as the cultural capital of Turkey.

In the afternoon excellent sandy beaches stretching for several kilometers are waiting for you as well as all kinds of active entertainment like scuba diving, surfing, horseback riding, and tennis.

In the evening, Bodrum restaurants await you with the freshest seafood and the best dishes are not only traditional Turkish, but also Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Thai and European dishes. You will receive a special treat, visit the cozy suburban taverns and restaurants, located on the shore. You can reach them by car, bus or boat.

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