Indisputable advantages of this resort before other tourist centers on the coast of Turkey are the first-class ecological situation, an untouched civilization, the sea and coastal landscapes sparkling on the sun of a wave and the bottomless night sky, covered with such bright stars which is rarely possible to observe. Besides, rest in this region is advised to some people for medical reasons, because of a unique microclimate and very low humidity of air, doctors recommend to go to Datca to the patients having diseases of cardiovascular and airways. According to Strabo, the Greek historian and the geographer: “the one whom gods love are sent to Datca to live long”.
The city of Datca is on a place of the ancient city settlement Knid. In different milestones of the history this earth serially belonged to the Roman Empire, Byzantium, was a part of Menteshe and the Ottoman Empire. In the 20th century the city was known under Reshadiye’s name. Today Datca is a full-fledged Turkish settlement in which lives a little more than 10 thousand people.

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