One of the most famous islands (and in fact, about 5 large and 12 small islands) form a ring around the cozy bay. This is Santorini (Thira). Thousands of tourist visit this place with Yacht Charter Greece every year. The island’s population is about 13 402 people (2001). The administrative center of the island is located in Fira, with a population of about 1,500 people .This is one of the oldest centers of civilization, and it was inhabited by people in the 5th – 6th centuries BC. It formed one of the centers of the Minoan culture, but about 1647-1628 on the island there was a devastating volcanic explosion that resulted in the tsunami. Center Island failed and formed a few islands around the lagoon .Thus, it is an explosion of Santorini caused the gradual extinction of a mighty civilization and perhaps became the basis of the legend of Atlantis, and the island for centuries was abandoned by people. But now this popular geological and historical monument is a unique document of existence of many cultures and it is a much picturesque island and rather densely populated.
Traditional colors of Santorini – blue, white and ocher. The blue color symbolizes the sky – home of the gods, white – faith, justice, beauty and justice of people, and red ocher – the color of the earth and the volcano – the natural strength and power. These colors are painted not only at home, but also at the churches. Each church has a bell tower. Morning and evening carillon is spread along all the villages and towns. Beaches in Santorini spreaded on the outside part of the island. The sea is exceptionally clean and transparent. Black lava sand and volcanic pumice chippings is everywhere on beaches. Artemis Yacht advice this places for diving.
The lands of this island is so beautiful that most of the motoryacht charters and yacht charters’ goal is to reach Santorini first of all. The main town of the island – Fira often called, is like any other major city in the Cyclades – Hora. It stretches along the western coast of Santorini, south of Cape Tourlos and almost opposite the island of Nea Kameni. The main gate of Santorini – located on the south-east coast town Kamarion (Kamari), has a good port and an airport on the island. The beach here, as throughout the east coast, is long and covered with black volcanic sand, which in summer is literally heated on the sun. Lying just to the west of the monastery of Panagia Episkopi are the most important Byzantine monuments of the island, as well as a great distillery, Canava Roussos and long left villagers Exo Gonya. The north-west of the village is small Kamariona Mesaria (Messara), with its numerous churches and cathedrals, literally wedged into a narrow gorge. At the Cape Mesa Vouno Arheyos lies the village of Tira, considered the first settlement founded by the people on the island after the volcano accident (approximately 915 BC). Here you can take a walk along the serpentine, leading from the hotel to the cliff and Antinea Zoodochou – Piyos church with a small cave, which is about one of the few sources of freshwater island, to the chapel of IV century BC. e. Temenos and bas-reliefs – Artemidoros (cut here dolphin, eagle and lion symbolize Poseidon, Zeus and Apollo), the ruins of the agora and theater. But the main historical monument is undoubtedly lying on the north coast of the south-western tip of the island town of Akrotiri. Discovered during excavations here is the Minoan settlement, completely covered with a layer of volcanic ash, is one of the most striking and well-preserved monuments of the time. Two and three storied houses with unique frescoes are clearly related to Cretan style which are unmatched – many of them have survived. Some of the murals are currently on display in Athens, although some of these superb ancient monuments can be seen in the collection of the Fund in the capital of the island of Thira. Red Beach Akrotiri consists of pumice and lava. However, for tourists to visit these excavations are closed. Most of all yacht charter in Greece is bringing tourists here to swim and to joy in water sports! Island of Nea Kameni have the deadliest volcano. Curious tourists can reach the island by old sailboat. Grapes is almost the only culture which grows on the island. The world-famous Santorinian wine, which are particularly valued in tsarist Russia is produced here for four hundred years in the cellars of the best wineries of the island Santo Wines of the unique museum where all stages of production flavored drink. There’s also a tasting.

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