Tilos is in fact the island of four villages one of which is uninhabited. All houses in the village also are sacredly built by rules of Dodekanes architecture. Seaside “prospectus” conducts in Ayos-Stephane’s picturesque bay (Saint Stephane). In Livadya, it is the port town of island, it is possible to see the most important historical monuments of the island: with medieval Agriosikyas ruins, built on an eminence, with ruins of an old Christian basilica, with Saint Nikolay’s church with magnificent frescos of the XIII century and Church of the Panagia of Politissa in Misokali’s town.

The most popular beach of Tilos is, perhaps, Eristos’s beach – a wide strip of granulated sugar send, and in a fertile valley of Eristos. Natural continuation of the beach of Eristos is the sandy beach of Plaka which especially attracts lovers of sea sports. Tilos is a research center of knight’s castles, the old churches which have taken cover in a shadow of oaks, plane trees. This touch to history through the remained frescos was created by artists seven centuries ago.


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