Every year thousands of pilgrims and tourists visit the island with hope to see the Cave of revelation, where the beloved disciple of Christ the Apostle St. John wrote a book that today the whole world calls “Apocalypse”. Hallmark of the island is undoubtedly the monastery Ayiu John’s theology on the top of Patmos. On the halfway to the top of the monastery there are extraordinary views of the beautiful city and islands around. Most of all the doors of the monastery are closed from the tourist eyes, but if you will be lucky to visit the island while there is a religious celebration, you can see the majestic arches of churches and frescoes on the walls of ancient times.

The atmosphere is remarkably quiet and calm. Among the green streets and plenty of shrines, which are associated with miraculous stories of healing people, you will walk in a fresh morning. You can sit on the burning sun in the ruins of the ancient Acropolis in Kastelli and hear bells ringing in the distance grazing sheeps. Take a lunch in one of the taverns or visit one of the cafes, which offers delicious black coffee and hot waffles with ice cream. In the afternoon take a swim in one of the most beautiful island’s beaches: Grigos – a picturesque seaside village (4 km south-east of the port of the island of the Rock). Nearby there is a beautiful sandy beach Kalikazu and south – Diakofti beach. Further to the south – west of Diakofti popular beach Psili Ammos.

Finish the day with meeting the sunset from the top of the Acropolis, or on the beach – Psili Amos. In the evening, visit one of the local restaurants. The great variant of your dinner is a grilled octopus, prawns or crispy calamari, also a fish grilled together with fresh vegetables.


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