Paros Island is located in the southwestern part of the Saronic Gulf, between the islands of Mykonos and Santorini. The highest mountain of the island – Profitis Ilias (771 m) rises in the center of Paros and the hills goes down to the coast with flat beaches. History of Paros Island goes back to centuries. Once, it was the center of an ancient Cycladic civilization. In antiquity, the island was famous as a place of production of excellent Parian marble. For a long time the Venetians ruled Paros, then the Turks captured the island, and in the years 1770-1774 there was a fleet of Count Orlov and was the temporary capital of the “Russian” Cyclades. Paros is one of the popular Greek island resorts – there are many excellent beaches. Among them stands out for its beauty Kolimbifres (” Fonts “), bordered by high cliffs of unusual shape. Paros is a favorite destination for fans of windsurfing. In the area of Golden Beach and adjacent bays, are several stations. One of them (in Nea Chrisi Akti) is annual international competition for surfers who come from all around the world. Nearby are a few hotels that allows you to combine the rest and the favorite sport.
Guests of Paros offers wonderful opportunities to discover and explore the historical heritage of Greece. On the island, there are many picturesque secluded chapels and monasteries, as well as two medieval Venetian fortresses. In the capital of the island, Paros there is the church Katapolyani (“Stovratnaya”) – one of the most important Byzantine monuments in Greece. On the day of the Assumption (15 August), there are magnificent celebrations with fireworks and execution of the ancient naval songs.

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