Naxos Island the largest of the Cyclades islands (448 sq. km.), with the most varied vegetation, is approximately in the center of the Aegean Sea 110 miles from Piraeus. Naxos Town is a busy port located along the bay with bars and restaurants, surrounded by high walls of the Venetian fortress. Naxos is the island created for active recreation, a large number of bars, cafes, discos, night clubs and music are the reason that Naxos has become a favorite holiday destination among the youth. Nightlife on the island is sometimes much more active than day. Naxos is also famous for skilled sculptors – majestic sphinxes were brought as a gift to the museum by locals in Delphi. It is so interesting to explore one of the oldest buildings in the majestic city of Naxos – Portara gate, standing on a small island of the Chamber, which is connected to the Island of Naxos Bridge. The Archaeological Museum is a rich collection of objects found on the island, which include elegant carved plates made in the heyday of the Cycladic civilization. Also of interest is the museum building itself – the mansion in 1627, which later housed the French school.
Naxos beaches are most of all sandy, lapped by crystal- clean water and covering almost the 100 kilometers of coastline of the island. The beach “St. George” (Agios Georgios) – beach town of Chora, is very popular among those who do not want to go anywhere in search of a place for swimming. Length of the beach is about one kilometer, it is shallow. Beach “St. Procopius” (Agios Prokopios) is about four kilometers from Hora – sandy, with an admixture of small pebbles, long and wide. Beach “St. Anna” (Agia Anna) – is located 7 kilometers from Hora. Beach “Plaka” – is located 8 kilometers from Hora.

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