Mykonos Island is the most cosmopolitan of all the islands in the Greek archipelago. This feature is explained by the nature of the island geography Mykonos: the island is located at the intersection of all the major shipping lanes of the Aegean Sea. Mykonos is one of the most expensive comparing to the rest of the Greek islands. It is the best place of nightlife, picturesque Greek houses, high-end hotels and magnificent sandy beaches.
Mykonos is the most popular resort on the island, it is rich for taverns, restaurants, bars and shops. In countless nightclubs guests spend the night away. During the day, guests relax on the beautiful sandy beaches, which is not typical for most islands. The island’s capital city is located on the plain of Chora. The town itself is incredibly cozy and beautiful: the traditional Greek houses are shining white, brightly painted wooden balconies and windows are decorated with geraniums. Capital of the island, the town of Chora, has famous colorful architecture, which attracts artists to Mykonos. White houses with colorful shutters and doors are located on the narrow, winding streets, reminiscent of the maze. In Chora there are picturesque ancient windmills and several interesting churches. There are many bars and nightclubs, the most fashionable of which are located in a picturesque area of Little Venice.
Mykonos has only two cities, and the second is Ano Mera. The town is located 7 km from Chora. In contrast to the capital, it is very quiet and peaceful place with several luxury hotels. Tourists are attracted here by the Monastery of Panagia – Tourliani with a magnificent collection of icons.
Most beaches are on the south coast, where they are protected from the wind. All the beaches are on the southern island sand. In July and August, the most famous and popular of them become very crowded – it is the beaches Paradise, Super Paradise (Super Paradise), Platis Gialos, PSARA (Psarou) and Hornos (Ornos). On the beaches of Paradise and Super Paradise are the best beach parties in Greece. Super Paradise is the most popular gay beach in Greece. But it draws straight alike, thanks to the famous day and night beach parties. The beach is easily accessible from Hora. Also suitable beach for nudists.
Paradise Beach is also very popular, mainly among young people who are attracted here and music bars. In the evening, the entire beach turns into a nightclub in the open. On the beach there are opportunities for water sports, diving center, located near the camping.
Closest to the capital is the beach of Ornos, which makes it usually very crowded. The beach has a diving center, windsurfing and water skiing, several cafes and restaurants. Also close to the city is a popular beach of Agios Stefanos.
Beach of Platis Yialos is also one of the most popular beaches on the island. On the shore there are several hotels. It is a fairly long and fully equipped beach. From the capital to the beach there are buses every half hour. From Platis Yialos boats leave to other popular beaches on the south coast: Paranga, Agrari, Elia, Paradise and Super Paradise. Elia Beach is often visited by gays and nudists.
In the vicinity of Platis Yialos, Psarou Beach is located. It is known for attracting celebrities from around the world. This is a narrow picturesque sandy beach, located 5 km from the capital. You can get to the beach from the city by bus. There is a cafe and a restaurant, as well as a diving center that offers a variety of programs for beginners and dive safaris for experienced divers.
Kalafati Beach is suitable for outdoor enthusiasts: there are rental equipments for water sports, windsurfing and diving center. There is also a restaurant with Greek cuisine and fresh seafood. Kalafati is located in the south- east of the island. Get to the beach from the capital by bus. It is located near a decent beach Leah, a length of 200 meters. It is a good alternative to the beach Kalafati for those staying in this part of the island, and looking for a more peaceful place. In the north of the island are located not less beautiful, but more tranquil beaches, which are suitable for those looking for privacy. Reaching these beaches can only be by car, buses do not serve them, and most of the beaches are not well-off, which also makes them less visited.

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