Lipsi is a tiny island covered with white washed houses and little churches with blue domes. It is an island where cars are almost non-existent and where most of the local life takes place at the island’s port. Lipsi is a very beautiful and authentic island of the Dodecanese where during the day you can watch the fishermen beat octopuses on the quays that will be served later that night in one of the many cafes set on the tiny port.

According to legend, the nymph Calypso held the Odysseus captive for seven years here. This island will charm you! The main settlement of the island, Lipsi City is located on the shore of the bay. The most interesting attraction is, perhaps, the church of Agios Ionis. It has marvelous deep blue dome. You can also visit the small museum at the town hall, where you can see many Archaeological finds from different centuries gathered, as well as, in the museum, you can see the exhibition of Greek national costumes.
Another interesting sight can be called mineral springs in which you will be able to swim and have a drink of mineral water. The island is rich with beautiful beaches Kampos, Liendo, Katsadya, Papandriya and 2 km south of the port, deserted beach Ksirokambos. To get this places you can rent a taxi or motorbike (the locals most of all use this transport). On the square of white colored houses with blue shutters windows, take a diner. The island is famous in several fish farms, so we advise you to try fish with perfect local wine. In stores you can buy souvenirs, fresh honey, wine, traditional sweets.

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