The island is famous because of the fact that once the Greek goddess Artemis reigned here. The places are associated with the local legend of the ancient Hellenic Caledonian hunting. These places are not interesting only for lovers of history and archeology. Here you can enjoy unspoiled nature, numerous picturesque bays and coves in lush. Just climb up to the windmills on the mountain and you`ll enjoy an extraordinary panorama. You can walk to Leros Island’s single village, if you go down the road.

What`s interesting to watch is the ancient castle Palokastro, here is the church of Panagia of the 4th century, the church of Agia Kiur, Belem Tower, built in 1925 by Parisem Belm. The tower is a historical and folklore museum of Leros. And in the evening, under a sky with full of stars , it`s a great pleasure to taste fresh fish grilled with garlic and lemon juice, a traditional Greek salad with fresh cheese and drink flavored wine in old-fashioned fishing village Pandeli in one of the coastal taverns.

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