Those tourists who chose this small paradise will be surprised for the numerous pristine beaches covered with low bushes. Because of the volcanic structure of the island you will be pleasantly surprised by natural baths formed by coastal cliffs. Besides beaches island you will taste the most delicious seafood.
There is only one village on the island Chora which is consisting 12 taverns, two bars, three shops and souvenir stalls. The main road of the island begins several kilometers to the east of the island and ends at the beach Finikas. From there it is walking distance to the beach and Thanos to the island‘s most popular beach Punda. Continuing the way, we meet the “bath” and the far north of the island of Great Sands Pori.
There are also trips to nearby uninhabited islands.
Three hundred meters from the village of Chora in Potamia on the shore is a windmill built in 1830, which is a protected building under the relevant order of the Ministry of Culture of Greece. This status prohibits any changes to the architecture of the building and its owner had an interesting idea for the windmill.

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