Astipalea is one of the most beautiful islands of Greece!
Butterfly Aegean Sea, as they call this island locals for its shape. Astipalea is located between the Cyclades and the Dodecanese, and combines itself with the features of these two districts. From the sky the island looks like a butterfly, the left of which is mountainous and almost treeless but below the right side is covered by forest. It is a wonderful place for rock climbing and hiking through the narrow mountainous paths. Clean beaches, picturesque trees and neat buildings reminiscent of the Cyclades. Astipalea has a rich history, emphasizing the rugged beauty of the island. Nice news for hiking seekers, you can climb into the most secret corners: Astipalea is almost the only one of the Greek islands, where there are no snakes. The fact that this island is very rich about springs and streams, causes too much storks often coming to the island, so they deleted all snakes on the island.
In the city center there is the old Venetian fortress. Inside the fortress are two churches Virginia Annunciation and St. George. Although Astipalea is not so much of a tourist spot, in the town there are many bars with very different kind of music and institutions working until the morning. There are too many cozy taverns. From meat of hare and fish, seafood to a lobster, which can be ordered with the Italian style pasta Astipalea are famous. There are delicious traditional cheeses and unusual taste butter with taste of cheese “sinkafuro”. A nice habit of the islanders and visitors is after a big celebration climbing up to the fortress to meet sunshine all together!


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