Famous for its dramatic mountain scenery and relaxing atmosphere, it is one of the earliest centers of formation of the Cycladic civilization, and now attracts a huge number of tourists, especially the French, because it a cult film by Luc Besson “Le Grand Bleu” was filmed here.
The main port of the island, Katapola, lies deep narrow bay, looks like a fjord, and actually consists of three separate villages: Katapola on the south side , Ksilokeratidion (Xylokeratidhion, Xylokeratidhi) on the north shore and Rahidion (Rahidhion, Rahidhi) on the hillside adjacent to the bay on the southeast of the central mountain range.
The main attraction of the village Katapola, the main port of the island, is the Church of the Virgin (Panagia Katapolyani), built on the site of an ancient temple of Apollo. Here are the ruins of the ancient city of Minoa. Swimmers can enjoy relaxing on the pristine sandy beaches of the area.
The second most important port of the island, is a picturesque village Aegiali, also famous for its beautiful sandy beaches. It was formed by the merger of four villages, consisting entirely of white houses (Tolar, Potamos, Ormos and Langada). Hikers are suggested to make a two-hour shift to the north of Langada, to the highest point of the island (Mount Krikellos). The road is impressive, but even more surprising is when you reach the top, overlooking a magnificent view of the entire island. In the south of the island, near the ancient city, is another remarkably picturesque white village Arkesini. Visit the city Chora, built in traditional Cycladic style: white houses, narrow streets and numerous churches fascinate everybody! Many of the local taverns offers delicious Greek cuisine. Magnificent sandy beach Egal will delight both adults and children. Numerous taverns located along the banks will not let you to stay hungry. We also recommend you to visit the pebble beach of Agia Anna, starring some of the shots of the film “The Big Blue”. Not far from this beach there is the church of Agia Anna .Guests who is curious about sea diving will find diving centers the disposal of which are all you need for diving.

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