Izmir, Urla


Urla is a must seen place with its old history that comes from antic eras and nature. The town of Izmir city, offers an enjoyable holiday with its crystal clear water, nature and historical buildings. The town where is all belonged to island, offers best view of Aegean for visitors.

Mugla; Dalaman

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International airport which is in town Mugla city has an important for other tourism places. This airport is preffered by those who are transportating for popular holiday places. Airport is in a good way for Dalaman’s tourism.

Those who will go on Blue Cruise for the first time


You might have gotten hearsay informations about blue cruises. Perhaps your relatives might have gone on this cruise; they might have been pleased with this cruise or not. We think that there are very few people who go on blue cruises and are not pleased with this cruise. Before going on cruise you might have your anxieties about this cruise.

Blue Cruise


Everybody finds a personal answer to this question; Some say it is resting, others say its discovering nature and some say it is spending some time on the sea.

In reality the ‘Blue Cruise’ is all of them and even more. “Blue Cruise” is living the best sun set possible.

Bodrum is very different with Blue Cruise Tours

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Bodrum entertains many domestic and foreign tourists with its sea, its very green forests and its amusing night life every year. Bodrum is one of the favourite resorts today. It is one of the resorts which is also known around the world; not only in Turkey. When you go to visit Bodrum, first element which you will notice is its white houses. As soon as you arrive to Bodrum, the white houses welcome you like a bride.

Aydin; The Natural Town of Didim is Akbuk


Akbuk is one of the worth-seeing natural resorts in Aegean. It is among the places which those who want the silence and calmness on their holidays can prefer. There is the blue flag beach in Akbuk which has a long coastline. The town has lots of forest area and greenness. It supplies comfort to the visitors with its nature which hasn’t been ruined. Akbuk Cove has the natural marina character. And it is also very convenient for the yacht tourism.

The Greatly Loved Thing of Blue Cruise Tours is Gulets

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Gulets would be used for the load transport and fishery in years that they haven’t had popularity in the blue cruise tours yet. The demand has increased for blue cruıse tours in the course of time. The demand has increased for also Gulets. With this, the gulets have been streamlined for blue cruıse tours today by they have been modernized in the course of time.

From Marmaris to Fethiye for Blue Cruise


Blue you can realize. The sea and sky too. However the Blue Sea is a mystery.” Poet Melih Cevdet Anday`s lines come rolling off my tongue as the yachts or gulets set sail from Marmaris to Fethiye and the deep blue sea draws my soul immediately in, upload to that the pine trees` bright green that spreads over the water as if to cool off, and my entire being is tossed hither and yon till it lands at Ekincik.

What is a Gulet traditional Turkish sailing yacht


Turkey and Greek island are home to the beginning of interesting yet classic style yachts named to as gulets. They give the closing in dream sailing vacations and become into one of the most perfect holiday way for families, couples ,singles and groups looking for a private gulet charter in Turkey or a private yacht charter in Greek island.

How you can rent a yacht for a gulet charter holidays for Greek Island or Turkey


When making a decision to rent a yacht for your summer gulet cruise at sea is a superb alternative and bracing change to hotel based holiday. A private gulet charter Greece and Turkey holiday offers extra choices in places to see, things to do and a lot extra. The yacht holiday charter doesn’t necessarily have to be a top end yacht rental in order to knowledge a nice time visiting all those extraordinary blue cruise routes.
The primary thing you necessity to identify is how many people will on board.