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Sailing Southwest Shores

Bodrum – 1

Bodrum one of the most popular Turkish resort on the Aegean coast elite. White two storey houses Bodrum constitute a unique architectural style, strictly persist to this day. Bodrum a favorite vacation spot of the Turkish elite and bohemian meeting place for artists and patrons, making the city amosferu indescribably exquisite. Often the Tarkan had a vacation here, recently the resort visited Dustin Hoffman and Sting. The ancient city of Bodrum has a rich history. In the past name of Bodrum was Halicarnassus and Bodrum was founded as the second capital of Caria Greek state. Halicarnassus achieved its greatest prosperity in the IV century BC At this time, the city invites famous sculptors and architects of the time. Mausoleum erected over the burial place of King Mavsolos, considered one of the seven wonders of the world.
Bodrum has a reputation as the cultural capital of Turkey. This is a traditional meeting place of artists, often hosts exhibitions, fleeced many visitors. Who love a bohemian atmosphere for them this city will be especially interesting.
Afternoon excellent sandy beaches stretching for several kilometers waiting for you , as well as all kinds of active entertainment : scuba diving, surfing , horseback riding, tennis . Bodrum port one of the best in the country. From here you can go on a fascinating voyage along the coast.
Cool evening the best time for shopping and fine dining with friends. Throughout the city there are numerous places fast food, cafes and pastry shops . In Bodrum restaurants await you the freshest seafood and the best dishes are not only traditional Turkish , but also Italian, Chinese , Mexican, Thai and European dishes from the simple to the incredibly tantalizing treats. You will receive a special treat , visit the cozy suburban taverns and restaurants , located on the shore . You can reach them by car, bus or boat.

Simy island – 1

The main settlement of the island small village Simy. It`s houses are painted with different colors and this fact doing this place fantastically beautiful. On the mountain near a small village it is possible to see ruins of fortress of Knights which was constructed on the Acropolis place. Also on the top of mountain the church of the Virgin Mary and Fortress are located. If you`ll have time you can visit a museum and an operating monastery Panormitis with magnificent wall painting.

Rhodes Island – 1

This is the one of that beautiful places in the world where ancient is adjacent to the civilization , the sea to the mountains , with the slow pace of temperament. Rhodes island where together with beach vacation there are extensive excursion program.
During the walk you will visit the main sights of the city of Rhodes Palace of the Grand Masters , an ancient hospital , numerous residences , street knights. Also it`s nessesary to visit the hill of Monte Smith, with a breathtaking view of the old and the new cityes , the ruins of the temple of Apollo, the ancient stadium and theater.
The island is really rich about magnifisent beaches located on the east coast of Rhodes. The long sandy beach Tsambika is 26 km south east of the island’s capital. Everyone can take part in water sports.Very close to beach nearby monastery of Panagia Tsambika and a small church is located, from which, in fact , the terrain and inherited it`s name. It can be reached by walking on the stone road to the top of the hill. There are some legend that this place helps to people who want to have a child or family .
On the other side of a small hill in the east on the character is a gorgeous beach Agate Beach. Golden sand and shallow waters make this beach ideal for those who go to holiday together with children.
Lindos city
To get the Acropolis you can either walk or riding a donkey. The road to the Acropolis is very picturesque. You will meet stone fountains that still supplied with water by means of ancient aqueducts, past the white square houses with sky blue shutters and gates. You will walk past the gardens, laden with pots and sweet taverns with magnificent flavors.
Reached the top and after visiting the ancient city, do a couple of shots of cozy bay St. Peter and Lindos town aerial view.
Lindos Beach is so beautiful while you are standing on top of Acropolis. Therefore, if you come to see the Acropolis you should also get acquainted with the beach . Gorgeous golden sand and all the necessary infrastructure for a rest at your disposal. And if you decided to stay for dinner at one of the local taverns , it`s magestic place for to spend evening here after sunset Acropolis decorated with special illumination.</p
We will stay overnight here.

Fethiye – 1

The harbor town Fethiye is located at bay surrounded by pine forests in the Gulf of Fethiye. With its sheltered harbor for yachts, colorful bazaars, numerous beautiful beaches and bays rich coastline, gorgeous, partly uninhabited islands , Fethiye for a long time a famous tourist destination.
Fethiye is located on the site of the ancient legendary city Telmesa. Earlier this place was dedicated to Apollo. To IV century BC the city had close economic relations with the Greek island Rhodes , and after the IV century it was included by the Romans in the Lycian state. In the VIII century BC Telmes was renamed Anastasiopolis and in the IX century BC Macri was named . Only in 1914 the city got its real name Fethiye in honor of a military pilot Fethi Bey , who died in the line of duty .
Lycian rock tombs belonging to ancient kings, are in the center of Fethiye. You can them from almost every part of city.
The main advantage of this resort the calm sea . 5 km to the northeast of Fethiye are wide Calis beach 8.5 km to the south is the famous Oludeniz beach &quot; Blue Lagoon &quot;, which is famous for its picturesque scenery. Both beaches offer tourists a wide range of restaurants.
From land Fethiye is protected by mountains covered with pine trees . That`s why there are so popular paragliding paraglider slow descent from the mountain Babadag seaward .
In Fethiye you can devote time to the classical relaxation : swimming in the sea , sunbathing on the beaches or plunge into the nightlife. Also here you can go diving , visit the spa , bars, cafes, restaurants and so on.

Domuz Island, Tersane Island – 1

After breakfast we will visit one more magic place Domuz Island. Name of this island came from story about wild boars lived on this island.
Here a magnificient place for diving ! You can see ancient ruins underwater. Then we will cruise to Tersane Island.
Tersane Island is the largest island of the Gulf of Fethiye, a bay with shipyards in turn is the widest bay of the island. On the island before being deported Greeks lived . On the plain in the center of the island there are several ruined houses and a church .
Another Harbor is a ten minute walk from the shores of the bay. Here , presumably, was located the ancient Delphic Thelandira leagues the Union of Cities (5 miles ) . During the Byzantine Empire was built on the island Navy Yard , later expanding and strengthening the Ottoman Turks . Ruins shipyards are still visible .
The eastern part of the bay is especially convenient for parking , so it is relatively shallow and protected from the wind. Tersane one of the few surviving monuments of his era.

Bedri Rahmi Bay, Yassica Island – 1

Bedri Rahmi Cove
Bedri Rahmi Bay ( Tashyaka ) is located in the northwest of the island of shipyards . This is one of the most famous bays area , with good pebble beach, surrounded by oleanders , and clean source of carrying cool on a hot day . In the northern part of the bay are the Lycian rock tombs . Interest to this coast also attracted drawing of a fish on a rock and a mosaic of pebbles. The fish painted the famous Turkish artist Bedri Rahmi in the 70s of the last century , a member of one of the first Blue Cruise and mosaic created the Azroy Erhat . In the northern part of the bay are the rock tombs .
Following the path originating at the source , after the half hour walk you can reach the village Kilisebelen , which offers a magnificent panorama of the valley Dalaman airport , lakes and islands Kodzhagel Baba .
Yassica Islands
Yassica Islands the unique group of islands and islets, most reminiscent of a tropical lagoon. Yassidzha island located between the island and Tersane Gocek. There is no single structure. The largest of the islands there is a sandy promontory extending into the sea, forming a tiny pool, so cute, like a made ??especially for bathing babies. Here you can swim without fear to travel between the islands. Between the islands closest distance of only 12 meters.

Gocek – 1

Upon agreement, the guests will leave the gullet with precious memories by 10:30.


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