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Extended Turkey Blue Cruise

Karaincir – 1

We will have a swimming stop at Karaincir on the way back to Bodrum. Karaincir is a 500 metre stretch of soft golden sand which is great for all the family. The tranquil blue water is invitingly calm, and also offers a number of watersports from banana boats to pedaloes. You can also soak up the relaxed ambience around the beach from one of the many sun loungers made available, whilst sipping on a refreshing drink from one of the venders.

Kisebuku (Alakisla), Black Island – 1

After breakfast we go on a journey into one of the most beautiful places you will be able to get acquainted with the ancient Byzantine churches and buildings. One of them ancient church named Gulf Kise.
In Alakisla, you will encounter the ruins of an old monastery by the name of Kise Bay. The most wanted places in the Kisebuku ruins include Yalikoyu, Akarca, Fork, summerhouse, bath, cistern and the cove where the ruins of the church are found. The waters are crystal clear with a wonderful backdrop of pine covered mountains. In a few coves in the vicinity, you can find wonders like cold drinking water boiling! The bay covered with Oleander trees rolling down into the sea against the glittering sandy beaches .
Black Island Karaada
Early in the morning we will sail to Karaada. The black island which also has name "Kara Ada", is well-known for the hot springs and thermal water. Contrary to the name the island is covered densely by green vegetation, mainly there are pine forests.
The island is equipped with three anchor parking, first of which carries the name the Mud bay and settles down on its North side. Many tourists are coming here to receive medical treatment of mud and mineral sources. Local dirt is considered as panacea from radiculitis, skin diseases, arthritis. Many cosmetology companies prepare the cosmetic on basis of this thermal mud.
In this bay the old hydropathic institute is located. Here you`ll have a possibility of bathing with a hot water and to take mud baths. Everybody, who visited these magic sources made a note: unusual litefeelingsin a body after reception of medical bathtubs. Hot bathtubs – a magnificent way to rejuvenate and to remove a stress and to look at the world with other eyes: quiet and relaxed. Then our boat will cruise back to Bodrum for the last day’s dinner and an overnight stay.

Adabogazi (Aquarium Bay), Mersincik Bay – 1

After breakfast we will visit one of the most beautiful places for scuba diving or snorkelling – Aquarium Bay . Between two islands , where the water is clean as crystal and in most cases is not touched by underwater currents , a lot of unusual fish and marine life staying here. Under favorable conditions , the visibility under water up to 30 meters , allowing you to explore the unusual underwater landschaft .
In the evening we will sail in a cozy bay surrounded by pine trees bay Mersinchik . The bay is protected from the wind , so there are great opportunities snorkel or scuba diving .
Dinner and overnight in the bay.

Palamut Buku, Knidos (Cnidus) – 1

The Palamut Buku it is known for the most beautiful beaches surrounded with mountains and beautiful gardens, the purest water, with abundance of fish. This place really deserved to be called as paradise.
Then , we will sail to antique city Knidos. This city has built on the most beautiful place of the peninsula for honor of the goddess Aphrodite. In the IV century it was known as the culture and art center. In Knidos the medical academy second in the history under the leadership of the doctor Eurikhon together with the pupils was created. The mathematician Eudoksus made here discovery of a sundial which and now remained in vicinities of ruins.
Knidos has harbors on the Mediterranean coast and on Aegean. There is an avenue in the form of the heart, framed with marble columns, and the Statue Aphrodite decorated all this with her beauty. In this place very beautiful magnificent landscapes. There lived known scientists, such as, the doctor Eurikhon, the artist Polignotus, the mathematician Eudoksus and the architect Sostratos who constructed the Aleksandrovsky beacon. To walk on ancient streets and to buy souvenirs in numerous shops, or to get warm on under a sun and to swim in crystal-clear water, to try local delicacies – there is lots of things which it is necessary to do at this magnificent place.

Marmaris, Cennet Island – 1

Marmaris is the pearl of the Aegean Sea in Turkey and this resort is by far the most environmentally clean. Marmaris – is a string of beaches, most beautiful lagoon, arrays of mountains covered by forests and plenty of opportunities for all kinds of recreation.
The first city on the site of modern Marmaris was founded in ancient times, it was called Physkos. At the moment of the ancient city, leaving only a small portion located on a hilltop. It is the oldest district of the city and is called Ashartepe, for many years, archaeologists working here. Today everyone can climb to the top of the hill and see the priceless antiquities, as well as to admire the beautiful panorama of the city.
The most important attraction of Marmaris is considered an ancient fortress, which was built during the reign of the Ottoman Empire. Powerful fortifications with high stone towers perfectly preserved to this day, today is home to the fortress of the two museums – historical and archaeological.
Pay attention to the Old City of Marmaris it is coverin the fortres around! Cozy white houses with old design , stony roads and very thing streets drowning in frowers and tropical trees. Too many nice cafes and restaraunts you will find here . It is always calm and fresh here , even in most hot times of summer , thats why most of all rich people choising this territory for living – it is most expensive houses standig here! Old city with very different designed houses will impress you till deep of your heart!
No less important is the attraction of bedesten – indoor market, whose age is more than five hundred years. Of the trading floor, he long ago turned into an important historical landmark, many travelers visit the market as a real museum. A striking architectural monument of the Ottoman Empire and is Caravanserai, it was built in the mid 16th century and was designed exclusively for the Ottoman soldiers. On this territory there are also a magestic chillout place saved from Ottoman Emire times. In oldest times only man could visit this territory to have a rest , to drink and listen art live music and to smoke a waterpipe with biggest choise of aroma. Now you can taste this kind of pleasure, imagine like a sultan yourself , take a sit on the old designed sofas with numerous colourful pillows , listen art-music. You can wear sultan costume and shoot several photos next to old fashioned fontain.
Attraction of the later period is the Ibrahimi Mosque , its construction was completed in 1789. The mosque is near the old market and it is worth exploring the interior of this amazing religious monument. Among the other excursion objects are Aqueduct and Tashhan – inn . Both of them were erected in the first half of the 16th century.
One of the most mysterious and mystical objects Marmaris is the tomb of visionary Saria , who lived in the 17th century and became famous for his prophecies . With this landmark connected a lot of interesting stories and legends , many women today visited the tomb to ask the seer about happyness and family.
The big attraction for lovers of bicikle the long road created espetially for sport with green palms and lots of flowers from old city to Icmeler. The breathtaking wier expect on this road , dont forget to take camera !
There are lots of company which is giving bicikle for rent .
The city has everything: from the long range of shops and restaurants to the beautiful sights with a rich history. Thus, known throughout Turkey are ancient fortress and a relatively young marina. The town center is a market where you can purchase a variety of products – from jewelry to porcelain.
Incredible, mysterious island Cennet Odasi (Paradise island) will fancy with its beauty. Despite the fact that the island is almost uninhabited, it is visited by thousands of tourists every year.
The island is located opposite the Marmaris and has a clean turquoise water ,this places are rich about fish and seafood (here very often yacht staying or fishing).The first thing to look at – a cave Nmara. Not wide forest road , there is very scenic views and a variety of exotic plants, will bring to cave steps. Fragrant scent of flowers and herbs and sounds of wild birds creates an excellent mood of anticipation. Climbed the ancient stony stairs brings you to a huge-scale hole in the bottom of which hided an incredible cave. Air temperature and silence remain unchanged for many centuries. You will see a bizarre stalactites and stalagmites, as well as, learn the secrets of the cave (at the entrance to the cave is a historical reference).
On the island there is another cave Fosforus, the entrance to it is possible to reach only by boat. Water in the cave has a unique feature – glow in the dark bright turquoise light. Scientists explain this phenomenon is that the water resides in the microbe, and phosphorus at the time of movement in the water creating a friction – the microorganisms are illuminated. Truly a wonderful sight! By the way, at the end of summer, the same phenomenon can be seen in the water on the beach in Icmeler.

Fethiye, Yassica Island – 1

The harbor town Fethiye is located at bay surrounded by pine forests in the Gulf of Fethiye. With its sheltered harbor for yachts, colorful bazaars, numerous beautiful beaches and bays rich coastline, gorgeous, partly uninhabited islands , Fethiye for a long time a famous tourist destination.
Fethiye is located on the site of the ancient legendary city Telmesa. Earlier this place was dedicated to Apollo. To IV century BC the city had close economic relations with the Greek island Rhodes , and after the IV century it was included by the Romans in the Lycian state. In the VIII century BC Telmes was renamed Anastasiopolis and in the IX century BC Macri was named . Only in 1914 the city got its real name Fethiye – in honor of a military pilot Fethi Bey , who died in the line of duty .
Lycian rock tombs belonging to ancient kings, are in the center of Fethiye. You can them from almost every part of city.
The main advantage of this resort – a calm sea . 5 km to the northeast of Fethiye are wide Calis beach 8.5 km to the south is the famous Oludeniz beach – Blue Lagoon , which is famous for its picturesque scenery. Both beaches offer tourists a wide range of restaurants.
From land Fethiye is protected by mountains covered with pine trees . That`s why there are so popular paragliding – paraglider slow descent from the mountain Babadag seaward .In Fethiye you can devote time to the classical relaxation : swimming in the sea , sunbathing on the beaches – or plunge into the nightlife. Also here you can go diving , visit the spa , bars, cafes, restaurants and so on.
Yassica island
Yassica Islands – a unique group of islands and islets, most reminiscent of a tropical lagoon. Yassidzha island located between the island and Tersane Gocek. There is no single structure. The largest of the islands there is a sandy promontory extending into the sea, forming a tiny pool, so cute, like a made ??especially for bathing babies. Here you can swim without fear to travel between the islands. Between the islands closest distance of only 12 meters.

Butterfly valley, Oludeniz, Gemiler Island – 1

Butterfly Valley is located on the western coast of the Gulf Beldzheiz . It can be reached only by sea , so every day boats of Fethiye is going to this wonderful place.
Butterfly Valley – one of the most attractive places in the surroundings of Fethiye. In 1995 , the valley was declared as a nature reserve and closed to buildings.It is home for almost all of the Mediterranean kinds of butterflies. Best time to visit the Valley of the Butterflies early summer and midle autumn.To see the Valley of butterflies with its exotic beauty , you have to climb the slope of Babadag Mountain . Its difficult to describe in words the amazing picture that you will see from there . Feeling of unreality , a feeling that you are in another world – millions, billions of butterflies, forming an endless carpet on the rocks trunks, branches and leaves.
This is – a wild place , which is very clearly make you feel along with the nature . Not far from a coast are located several beautiful waterfalls . Cool, clean water seeks rapid flow down to the sea . Path through lush waterfalls lie overgrown trees – magnificent landscapes Butterfly Valley deserve to be etched on the photos and videos . Unfortunately , photos and videos can not convey luxury smell that permeated the air of the valley. The smell of resin mixed with a complex bouquet of smells foliage , flowers and wild herbs .
It is called one of the most beautiful on earth, blue paradise, the most beautiful beach in Turkey. Oludeniz – a miracle of nature, unique in its unusual beauty.
Oludeniz bay is fenced off from the open sea with long sandbar covered Mediterranean pine groves . This is national park and it is forbidden to built there , but tourists can see this territory .
If you are not hurry take a look to the second road , leaving the right of the entrance to the reserve . It goes around Oludeniz bay along the shore, rising higher in some places are the ruins of the ancient trails leading into town – an ancient city Kaya Kay and top offers spectacular views of the bay . The walk will take an hour , if you stop at the last refuge of civilization – a small beach club at the end of the bay and turn back . But the trail goes on, and it is possible to reach Kaya Kay or you can just walk in the pine forests surrounding Oludeniz .
Gemiler Island
Gemiler island , also called the St. Nicholas Island , famous for its many ruins that have survived since the time of the Byzantines. Easiest to get here from the Gulf Gemiler or Blue Lagoon.
Island preserved traces of a large Byzantine settlement , which at one time was the center of Christianity . Between V-XI centuries there were construction. Despite the fact that most of the buildings almost completely destroyed , there is still a lot of interesting things you will see . In the northern part of the island is located the sunken ruins of the wharf and warehouse.
Particularly noteworthy are the ruins of churches and chapels . On the hill the palace , which was decorated with amazing floor mosaics. On the island were dug many wells and tanks built , traces of which survive to this day . Once there was a queen whose skin was very sensitive and to let her swim in the sea there was built covered swimming pool. Its ruins is still possible to see .
The beach of Blue Lagoon covered with restaraunts and tavernas. The beach are prepared for water sports and for comfortable sunbath.

Kas – 1

It is located at the junction of the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean and is quite secluded resort that has not yet experienced over the massive influx of tourists.Kas`s map resembles human eyebrow . By the way, this similarity was discovered a long time ago , and the very name of the city translates this part of the human face. Unusually beautiful place , cozy and quiet green paradise . Kas is located in the hills and from far its creates a whimsical views of the city . While walking along the shady streets , filled with the scent of jasmine in the heat you will meet extraordinary restaurants with Turkish and Greek cuisine and distinctive interior and live music , gorgeous oriental hookah clubs and plenty of souvenir shops which is ready to impress you throughout your stay.
Pay attention to the singing of the Muslim Ezana . In Kas – this singing special.
Throughout the coast near the sea there are a terrific platform for diving. Beauty of the deep sea is supplemented unique wrecks and ruins of ancient cities , destroyed once the force of earthquakes. Top underwater attractions see many divers who seek from around the world , it is submerged ruins of the cities of Simena , Aperlay , Theymussa and Kekova and picturesque coves , underwater caves , lying at the bottom of Douglas aircraft and several ships.
Among the attractions located on the surface , tourists can also see many interesting things. The city and surroundings have an interesting tours , in which you can see the ruins of a small Hellenistic theater and ancient temple , carved into the rock Doric tomb, two-storey Lycian tomb of Leo, as well as being in the vicinity of the ancient Lycian settlement Patara , Xanthos and Floater .

Kekova – 1

The Kekova archipelago consists of two small islands : Toprakada and Karaad – Kekova . Long and narrow island of Kekova located close to the mainland – opposite the city of Simena (Simena), previously – Kale (Kale) and villages ucagiz or Yuchayzlar (Ucagiz, separated by a narrow strait from the port or Kalek??alk Kay (Kalek?? in antiquity Simeiz .
On the northern shore of the island you will find the ruins of the ancient city , most of which flooded as a result of earthquakes and therefore is of great interest for underwater exploration . Earthmoving excavations carried out in the city , but were underwater explorations . Jacques-Yves Cousteau , who arrived in Kekova on Calypso made a movie about this places .
After looking carefully through amazingly clear water you can see the ruins of ancient buildings IV-V centuries BC – Stone stairs , sidewalks, walls of houses, waterfront.
Currently Kekova is the main point in the yachting routes. Meandering coastline , ancient sarcophagi, protruding from the water , traditional restaurants with fish dishes – all hallmarks of the island. Swimming in the clear waters , you can accidentally touch the Lycian sarcophagus , which , like a magical vision , occurs on the surface of the sea. You can see the sunken city , as a result of geological changes and shifts completely gone under the water , and the ancient fortress on a peninsula Simena . The touch of eternity impressive …

Olimpos , Adrasan Cavus bay – 1

Olympos ! The word raises you on the mountain peaks, right there where live terrible and wonderful gods of ancient Greece . Excursion to Olympos , which is a national park – is an entertaining journey that combines natural beauty and cultural experiences .
Olympos beach is really very beautiful and picturesque , with the purest water , about 3 km long . Groves of orange trees , pine with reddish trunks , turtles that lay their eggs on the beach … Mountain , which the Greeks called Olympos , now called Tahtali .

Those interested in history to wander among the ruins of Olympos . Remains of the town partly hides the vegetation , but it only makes the walk of his buildings more romantic. You will see the remains of buildings , colonnades , the ruins of a small but expressive amphitheater for 5,000 spectators.

You can climb the mountain and see the fire of natural origin, which is lit at the top year-round and the fire is lit for a few thousand years. Ancient Greeks laid down about this true legend , one of the characters in the Hellenic mythology , the hero Bellerophon , married the beautiful Lycian princess and decided to release from Lycia Chimera – a fire-breathing monster with the body of a snake . He managed to defeat the Chimera and bury it in the ground under the stone arches conclude . The mountain called – Chimera .

After lunch and a swimming break we will be heading to Adrasan Cavus Bay for dinner and overnight stay.


Bedri Rahmi Bay ( Tashyaka ) is located in the northwest of the island of shipyards . This is one of the most famous bays area , with good pebble beach, surrounded by oleanders , and clean source of carrying cool on a hot day . In the northern part of the bay are the Lycian rock tombs . Interest to this coast also attracted drawing of a fish on a rock and a mosaic of pebbles. The fish painted the famous Turkish artist Bedri Rahmi in the 70s of the last century , a member of one of the first Blue Cruise and mosaic created the Azroy Erhat . In the northern part of the bay are the rock tombs .

Following the path originating at the source , after the half-hour walk you can reach the village Kilisebelen , which offers a magnificent panorama of the valley Dalaman airport , lakes and islands Kodzhagel Baba .

Sarsala Bay is another preferred bay by sailors with a natural bay ideal for swimming or spending the night in. It is an attractive bay with a long stony beach, a wooded valley that runs inland, surroundedby pine Forestry Mountain. There is a restaurant and pontoon at the small Sarsala Bay.

Hamam ( Monastir bay) Domuz island , Kocabuk – 1

You will really surprised when you will see ancient ruins of Hamam Bay! The region is known as a Cleopatra’s Bath, or Sunken Bath Bay coastal tectonics, such as the formation of the bay in the Gulf with many bays. A careful examination of the hill slope behind the bay, which is active in the past, this hill is a crater lake of tectonic structure and reducing water channels, clearly visible from the shore. The monastery dark, pine trees and up the hill from the shore in some places covered with carob trees. Structure of an ancient wall running parallel to the direction of the north-east coast and other small remnants of ancientLyciareminds me that you are not far from the city.LydiaNetworkPortcan be reached by a hiking trail approximately 1.5 hours.

After breakfast we will visit one more magic place Domuz Island. Name of Domuz came from story about wild boars lived on this island. This is a magnificient place for diving ! You can see ancient ruins underwater.

Later we will cruise to Kocabuk for dinner and overnight stay.

Turunc, Kumlu buku – 1

We will sail to Natural bay with cristal water . Turunc is one of the best plase diving and snorkelling. Later we will sail to Kumlubuk for lunch and swimming . It is not for nothing called turquoise paradise. The sea is so clear that you can see marine life at depths of up to five meters . There are no bg buildings. For the convenience of tourists , built here a few restaurants and hotels . Kumlubuk summer is especially popular among fans of boating . Here they stop the boat and spend hours enjoying a bath and beauty of the coastal zone.

You can walk to inside of the Kumlubuk , there are between two mountains the ancient city Amos is located. The road to the ancient city are very picturesquear , tall pine tries and tropical palms covering the serpantin road. From the top of mountain you will be able to take several breathtaking picture of the bay !

The fishing enthusiasts will not be bored on Kumlubuk. For a small fee, you can easily organize an excellent deep-sea fishing . It’s enough to deal with the local fishermen .

If you want to shoot some special photo – shoot sunshine in kumlubuk!

Bodrum – 1

Upon the agreement, the guests will leave the gullet with precious memories by 10:30.


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