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Discover Bodrum-Gocek-Symi

Bodrum, Knidos (Cnidus), Palamut Buku- 1

Boarding starts at 15:30 from Bodrum Harbour. You will be informed about the cruise itinerary and the gulet. Then we will cruise to Knidos.
The Palamut Buku it is known for the most beautiful beaches surrounded with mountains and beautiful gardens, the purest water, with abundance of fish. This place really deserved to be called as paradise.Then , we will sail to antique city Knidos. This city has built on the most beautiful place of the peninsula for honor of the goddess Aphrodite. In the IV century it was known as the culture and art center. In Knidos the medical academy second in the history under the leadership of the doctor Eurikhon together with the pupils was created. The mathematician Eudoksus made here discovery of a sundial which and now remained in vicinities of ruins.
Knidos has harbors on the Mediterranean coast and on Aegean. There is an avenue in the form of the heart, framed with marble columns, and the Statue Aphrodite decorated all this with her beauty. In this place very beautiful magnificent landscapes. There lived known scientists, such as, the doctor Eurikhon, the artist Polignotus, the mathematician Eudoksus and the architect Sostratos who constructed the Aleksandrovsky beacon. To walk on ancient streets and to buy souvenirs in numerous shops, or to get warm on under a sun and to swim in crystal-clear water, to try local delicacies – there is lots of things which it is necessary to do at this magnificent place.

Inceburun, Datca- 1

Dinner and overnight on the Datca peninsula
We drop anchor in one of the most beautiful places in the world Inceburun. Here you can swim with a mask or diving, as well as enjoy the incredibly beautiful natural bay.Geological fault formed a unique environment for fish habitat special! In sunny day sun rays penetrate the water column to the depths and creating a breathtaking sight!After lunch we will go to Datcha peninsula.Indisputable advantages of this resort before other tourist centers on the coast of Turkey are the first-class ecological situation, untouched a civilization the sea and coastal landscapes sparkling on the sun of a wave and the bottomless night sky, covered with such bright stars which it is rarely possible to observe. Besides, rest in this region is advised to some people for medical reasons, because of a unique microclimate and very low humidity of air doctors recommend to go to Datcha to the patients having diseases of cardiovascular and airways. As a Strabon,the Greek historian and the geographer, told : "the one whom gods love, they send to Datcha that he long lived".
The city of Datcha is on a place of the ancient city settlement Knid. In different milestones of the history this earth serially belonged to the Roman Empire, Byzantium, was a part of Menteshe and the Ottoman Empire. In the 20th century the city any time was known under Reshadiye’s name. Today Datcha is the full-fledged Turkish settlement in which lives a little more than 10 thousand people.
We will have a dinner here and stay overnight.

Symi Island- 1

The main settlement of the island – small village Simy. It`s houses are painted with different colors and this fact doing this place fantastically beautiful. On the mountain near a small village it is possible to see ruins of fortress of Knights which was constructed on the Acropolis place. Also on the top of mountain the church of the Virgin Mary and Fortress are located. If you`ll have time you can visit a museum and an operating monastery Panormitis with magnificent wall painting.

Bozburun, Bozukkale (Loryma)- 1

Bozburun are famous like a ship workshops. Very popular wooden yachts had been made here. During walk on hills it is possible to meet the remains of the ancient city of Larumna. Bozburun has become a central attraction, visited by tourists from all across the world. We will cruise to Selimiye Bay for lunch.
Here were found the remains of 11th century ships that are exhibited in the museum of Bodrum. In the ancient city Bazukole (Loryma) is a castle, which is a quadrangle with the city walls and 9 temples. Name Bozukale means Crooked Castle and may be associated with the fact that one wall of the castle is destroyed. Due to its location and narrow entrance to the port, the port also used the Greek forces during the Peloponnesian naval battle. Karor leader of the Athenians, gathered all his ships here before kunidusskoy war in 395 BC and Demetrius, son of Antigonus, the port used for the preparation of the attack on Rhodes in 305 BC

Kadirga Bay, Ekincik Bay- 1

We will go to Kadirga Bay for swimming! Many tourists coming here for swimmimg , because beautines of water and territory around bay wining the hearts of tourists ! Later we heading to Ekincik . This bay is famous about big blue crab. Later we will visit one of the most beautiful beaches of the world Istuzu beach.
Here you can sunbathe and swim in the river delta of Dalyan on the long sandy beach ( natural reserve area of Turkey) . After lunch on the boat , you can sail with the wind through the reeds to the ancient city with its ancient Lycia exotic settlement . And a trip to the lake along Kogcegiz with diameters 65 You can discover the old Turkey , observe internationally famous Caretta Caretta turtles , whose ancestors came from the water to the land 95 million years ago. While traveling by boat on the African river Dalyan , you can see not only to get lost among the coastal cliffs , the Lycian tombs of kings (IV c. BC) city of Caunos , inspect the agora , Roman baths , a church and an amphitheater, the breathtaking view waiting for you in every meters of river.
Dinner and overnight stay at Ekincik.

Manastir Island, Tersane Island- 1

Tersane Island – is the largest island of the Gulf of Fethiye, a bay with shipyards in turn is the widest bay of the island. On the island before being deported Greeks lived . On the plain in the center of the island there are several ruined houses and a church .Another Harbor is a ten minute walk from the shores of the bay. Here , presumably, was located the ancient Delphic Thelandira leagues – the Union of Cities (5 miles ) . During the Byzantine Empire was built on the island Navy Yard , later expanding and strengthening the Ottoman Turks . Ruins shipyards are still visible .
The eastern part of the bay is especially convenient for parking , so it is relatively shallow and protected from the wind. Tersane one of the few surviving monuments of his era.

Bedri Rahmi Bay, Yassica Island- 1

Bedri Rahmi Cove
Bedri Rahmi Bay ( Tashyaka ) is located in the northwest of the island of shipyards . This is one of the most famous bays area , with good pebble beach, surrounded by oleanders , and clean source of carrying cool on a hot day . In the northern part of the bay are the Lycian rock tombs . Interest to this coast also attracted drawing of a fish on a rock and a mosaic of pebbles. The fish painted the famous Turkish artist Bedri Rahmi in the 70s of the last century , a member of one of the first Blue Cruise and mosaic created the Azroy Erhat . In the northern part of the bay are the rock tombs .
Following the path originating at the source , after the half-hour walk you can reach the village Kilisebelen , which offers a magnificent panorama of the valley Dalaman airport , lakes and islands Kodzhagel Baba .
Yassica Islands
Yassica Islands – the unique group of islands and islets, most reminiscent of a tropical lagoon. Yassidzha island located between the island and Tersane Gocek. There is no single structure. The largest of the islands there is a sandy promontory extending into the sea, forming a tiny pool, so cute, like a made ??especially for bathing babies. Here you can swim without fear to travel between the islands. Between the islands closest distance of only 12 meters.

Gocek- 1

Upon agreement, the guests will leave the gullet with precious memories by 10:30.


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